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The Professional Package

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This package has it all! Top-of-the-line 100K E&O coverage and a 15K bond come standard in this package; and only the best is included. This package has everything that professional notaries need to do their job, and more!


  • 4 Year, $15,000 Bond
  • 4 Year, $100,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance **Please note, Notary E&O purchased in this package is for Notarial acts only. If you need Notary Signing Agent coverage please call us for assistance.**
  • Deluxe Self-Inking Stamp
  • Inkless Thumbprint TouchPad
  • Soft Cover Journal
  • 25 Acknowledgement Forms
  • 25 Jurat Forms
  • 4" Notary Decal


  • Add an Embosser
  • Ship Bond early

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4 Year, $100,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance   +$0.00
Deluxe Self-Inking Stamp   +$0.00
Inkless Thumbprint TouchPad   +$0.00
Soft Cover Journal   +$0.00
25 Acknowledgement Forms   +$0.00
25 Jurat Forms   +$0.00
4" Notary Decal   +$0.00
  • Deluxe Self-Ink Stamp
  • Compact Seal Stamp
  • Ideal Pocket Seal
  • Mobile Seal Stamp
  • Basic Seal Stamp
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